Friday, February 10, 2012

My Revlon Lip Butters Collection

One last post right before bed. I just wanted to show you guys my lip butter collection. I love love this lip product! Leaves my lips amazingly soft. Do you guys love this product too?


I Am Going To Attempt To Cut My Own Hair!

Conair Barber Shears
I am going to make the attempt to cut my own hair. I saw a few videos on YouTube that peaked my interest and I wanted to see if I can really do it. I am very picky with my hair I really never go to hair salons. They either cut my own hair wrong or blow dry to it smells burnt. So I only go to get a trim and leave. I really love doing things on my own when it comes to beauty related things on myself. Plus it's a learning experience and you save money in the process. I am not saying it's for everyone and that everyone should try it. It's my own opinion on myself. So if you cut your own hair and it turns out horrible don't blame
What do you guys think? Should I be that daring and cut my hair or should I go to a hair salon instead. I want feed back so leave your comments and questions below.


All The Things I Use To Play Up My Eyes

Hello My Beauty Loves...I have had the two bottom products for a while now and the Miliani Eye Tech in Brown 02 was just purchased about a week ago. I am constantly changing my eye routine. I love to explore new and old products and also combine products to see what works best.

Miliani Eye Tech 02 Brown: Is a precise felt tip liquid eyeliner that gives you the control to line your eye to your liking. The color is a rich milk chocolate when applied and dries to a matte dark brown finish. The only downside to the product is it reminds me of the Maybelline Stiello Eyeliner which I wasn't to fawned of. I will give this product a 3 1/2  out of 5. It was a great buy at under $3.00.

Cover Girl Mascaras: These mascaras when applied are my favorite if I am going for a natural long length look. I would normally wear these mascaras alone but me being me I decided to use them together and I was instantly in love and wondering why hadn't I tried this a long time ago. First I use the fusion mascara and coat my top lashes covering the top and bottom of my top eye lashes. Next I use the length on top and go through the lashes a few times. I definitely give this combo and complete 5 there earned it! 

Maybelline Master Shape for Eyebrows: Maybelline has definitely stepped up the bar with this eyebrow pencil. I am a avid user of Mac eyebrow pencil in Spiked (Dark Brown). These blew me away I had purchased the Maybelline eyebrow pencil in medium brown in the (Green pencil) and I was totally disappointed with the result. It just wasn't dark enough and they don't offer a darker shade. If I had to rate this product I give it a 10!!! it's worth trying.

Thanks again for reading my blog

Thursday, February 9, 2012

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

OPI nail polish in Lucky Lucky Lavender caught my eye right away. It is a soft neutral with a hint of spring that's how I would describe it. It is very opaque in color you also can get away with one stroke of the color. I don't have many OPI nail polishes but for some reason this nail polish just reminded me of cotton candy. I wore it and it last me 3 to 4 days with a base coat and a top coat. The drying time was fast with this nail polish. I normally do one coat and let that dry for about 10 minutes and then add the next wait another 10 minutes to the nail polish is fully dried and then apply my top coat. two tips on keeping your nails white soak your nails in lemon juice or use whitening denture tablets and soak your finger nail. I hope this was helpful! Again thank you for stopping in and reading my blog.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish

Hi Everyone...I purchased these nail polishes at Target on sale. I was browsing through some aisles and came across these nail polishes and thought I would give them a shot. I already tired both nail polishes and they are great quailty.They dry quick which I love because I have no patience for drying time especially with my busy schedule. They usually go for about $5.00 and I got them on sale for $2.95 I think don't quote me on that. Over all they were a good buy for the price and the colors I purchased were 840 Espresso and 830 Golden. On the normal third to fourth day my nails were chipping but nail polish isn't meant to last forever. I am thinking of purchasing more coloring and also I would love to try there new colorstay nail polishes that are being advertised. Leave me any questions on comments below. Thanks for coming by!

Nikk :)

Vita Coco Coconut Water with Pineapple

This has become one of my favorite drinks. I normally enjoy Diet Coke or Powerade but I was getting bored of drinking the same thing all the time. I also wanted to cut out soda period! I tried this a few weeks back and thought to myself who would drink this but I decided to give it a another chance and I am truly happy I did. It will naturally hydrate you more then the leading sport drinks that have eletrolytes. It has more potassium then 2 bananas and the potassium keeps your body properly hydrated and also prevents from cramping. It has no fat, no cholesterol, and the best part it is low in calories. The bottle is usually 1.7 fl oz and is advertsed as never made from concentrate. I had one last night, I placed it in the freezer and let it chill to got a little frozen and it was to die for it was a little sweet and a little tangy from the pineapple in it. The bottle contains 2 servings at 60 calories per serving, the sodium is 30 mg, potassium is 515 mg, total carbs is 16g, sugar is 16g. Vita Coco with Pineapple is made with coconut water, pineapple and coconut puree, and vitamin C. It is also great for your skin, nails, and hair...that's a plus for me! Thanks for reading guys I hope I incouraged you to try something new. It doesn't always mean that the first time you will like it but keep giving things a try and just maybe the second time around you will love it!

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Mini Beauty Target Haul

Hi loves this is my mini Target haul that was purchased today. I got a few items on sale this afternoon and will be doing a review soon. I also brought The Remington hot rollers (sorry I forgot to include them in the pic). I got my new SD card so pictures will be coming up soon!

Thanks for coming,

Hi Guys

I just wanted to just say hi and let you guys know that my camera ran out of memory so I am going to purchase another SD card today and will be posting tonight. Keep commenting and posting. I love replying and reading the feed back! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and again thanks for stopping by...Nikk ❤