Thursday, November 29, 2012

Storage For My EyeShadow Brushes

     Good Morning Everyone...Since I haven't been on here and been neglecting my duties as a blogger I wanted to come on here and just write something for you guys. I been giving this blogging and blog website some thought and that's why I took a break. I wanted to update my blog make the blog much more simpler and more inviting to you guys. Well I will try to post more and I am glad that the few followers I have haven't left me...Thank you!!! on to the fun part

     This is the way I store my eyeshadow brushes before they were in a glass vase out in the open collecting dust, so I decided with a few suggestions from instagram friends that I should place the brushes in here. I love the simple sleek look and that all my eye brushes fit in here nicely. This is just a little clip to how I store my brushes maybe if more people want to see how I store my makeup and what storage I use I will post it up. Thank you taking a small part of your day to visit me have a beautiful day.