Monday, January 30, 2012

Maybelline Tattoo Eyeshadows

Well to start everyone knows how amazing these are and if you don't I would suggest for you to run to your local Walmart, Target, or Drugstore and at least try one. I currently own 05 Too Cool, 15 Audacious Asphalt. 20 Painted Purple, 25 Bad to the Bronze, 35 Tough as Taupe, 45 Bold Gold, and 50 Edgy Emerald. I brought all of the eyeshadows at separate times. I been playing around with the colors a bit, this weekend I used 20 Painted Purple as a eye liner. I wanted to see the intensity of the pigmentation which was ok for it being purple but I had to use a bright purple eyeshadow to make it more intense to my liking. I have used them with primer and without. I prefer with primer because I feel like they last a little longer and look better but that is just my personal opinion. I am quite sure you can go without if you are on the go! You can use these in many different ways. You can use them for what they are intended for or you can step it up a bit further and test different ways like finding a similar eyeshadow and applying that first then using a tattoo eyeshadow over top, you can also use it like an eye liner, and just a crease color. There are endless possibilities...Last thought for these cream shadows! How about mixing them to create a whole new color.
If you come up with new and creative ways to use the Maybelline Tattoo Eyeshadow leave me a comment to a twitter comment and share!

Link to Maybelline Tattoo Eyeshadows

Enjoy oxox,



Anonymous said...

love these

Hunter87 said...

I like them too glad that they are part of the maybelline permanent line.

BeautyTherapy83 said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies! I really enjoy these I have on tough as taupe today. Enjoy your day!


Lisa said...

the colours are great